10th Anniversary Box Set
Para comemorar 10 anos completados de banda, Blur lançou uma coletânea juntando todos os singles lançados por eles. Foi lançado dia 27/09/1999, edição limitada (7000 cópias). Mas depois foram produzidas mais 5000 e ninguém sabe ao certo quantas são atualmente. Custa £99.99 (cerca de 300 reais).
Inclui 22 CD's:
CD 1: She's So High, I Know, Down, Sing, I Know (Extended)
CD 2: There's No Other Way, Inertia, Mr Briggs, I'm All Over, There's No Other Way (The Blur Remix), Won't Do It, Day Upon Day (Live), There's No Other Way (Extended Version)
CD 3: Bang, Explain, Luminous, Berserk, Bang (Extended), Uncle Love
CD 4: Popscene, Mace, Badgeman Brown, I'm Fine, Garden Central
CD 5: For Tomorrow, Into Another, Hanging Over, Peach, Bone Bag, When The Cows Come Home, Beachcoma, For Tomorrow (Acoustic Version), For Tomorrow (Visit To Primrose Hill Extended)
CD 6: Chemical World, Young & Lovely, Es Schmecht, My Ark, Maggie May, Chemical World (Reworked), Never Clever (Live), Pressure On Julian (Live), Come Together (Live).
CD 7: Sunday Sunday, Dizzy, Fried, Shimmer, Long Legged, Mixed Up, Tell Me Tell Me, Daisy Bell, Let's All Go Down The Strand
CD 8: Girls & Boys, Magpie, Anniversary Waltz, People In Europe, Peter Panic
CD 9: To The End, Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys 7" Mix), Girls & Boys (Pet Shop Boys 12" Mix), Threadneedle Street, Got Yer!
CD 10: Parklife, Beard, To The End (French Version), Supa Shoppa, Theme From An Imaginary Film
CD 11: End Of A Century, Red Necks, Alex's Song
CD 12: Country House, One Born Every Minute, To The End (La Comedie), Country House (Live), Girls & Boys (Live), Parklife (Live), For Tomorrow (Live)
CD 13: The Universal, Ultranol, No Monsters In Me, Entertain Me (Live It! Remix), The Universal (Live), Mr. Robinson's Quango (Live), It Could Be You (Live), Stereotypes (Live)
CD 14: Stereotypes, The Man Who Left Himself, Tame, Ludwig
CD 15: Charmless Man, The Horrors, A Song, St. Louis
CD 16: Beetlebum, All Your Life, A Spell (For Money), Beetlebum (Mario Caldato Jnr. Mix), Woodpigeon Song, Dancehall
CD 17: Song 2, Bustin' & Dronin', Country Sad Ballad Man (Live Acoustic), Get Out Of Cities, Polished Stone
CD 18: On Your Own, Chinese Bombs (Live At Peel Acres), Movin' On (Live At Peel Acres), M.O.R. (Live At Peel Acres), Popscene (Live At Peel Acres); Song 2 (Live At Peel Acres), On Your Own (Live At Peel Acres)
CD 19: M.O.R. (Road Version), Swallows In The Heatwave, Movin' On (William Orbit Remix), Beetlebum (Moby's Minimal House Mix)
CD 20: Tender, All We Want, Mellow Jam, French Song, Song 2
CD 21: Coffee & TV, Trade Stylee (Alex's Bugman Remix), Metal Hip Slop (Graham's Bugman Remix), X- Offender (Damon / Control Freaks Remix), Coyote (Dave's Bugman Remix)
CD 22: No Distance Left To Run, Tender (Cornelius Remix)